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Half a century at the forefront of security printing

Every quarter for over two decades, 4000+ digital subscribers received Infosecura.

An audience that typically consisted of seasoned currency and identity professionals ranging from central bank, government and law enforcement representatives to security printers and security printing suppliers.

Among them, about 1000 who regularly attend Intergraf Currency+Identity, got their hard copy in the post. Our website provided everybody else in the field free access to the latest issues, shortly after publication.

Published by Intergraf , Infosecura was founded and edited by Manfred Goretzki, the man behind the first-ever security printing conference organised in Milan in 1976, who also served as Assistant Director of Intergraf until 1990.

Infosecura was the first regular title devoted entirely to technology and trends in global security printing.

Its mission was clear. To deliver thought-provoking and engaging coverage of the industry to the global community that comes together, event after event, to share ideas and get business done at Intergraf Currency+Identity.

And what began as a newsletter in 1997, reporting on such topical issues as the design of the first euro notes to be put into circulation by the European Central Bank (ECB) on 1 January 2002, quickly developed into a quarterly - spurred by the needs of an industry that sometimes moves surprisingly fast.

So that if you were looking for carefully crafted content to enlarge your perspective and knowledge of the fundamental issues impacting the world of currency or identity, peppered with the occasional opinion piece, Infosecura was just what you would get.

The magazine, like Intergraf Currency+Identity, gave equal weight to currency and identity. Every issue carried content relevant to both sectors, with particular emphasis on one or the other.

Whatever your field of expertise, Infosecura kept you in the loop.

Enjoy browsing through the archive!

Infosecura 92 - A bit about the past and the future. And much about what is important now

This issue of Infosecura takes a long look back into its history, as well as a peek into the immediate future.

In the editorial, we reflect on the long journey from the very first Infosecura newsletter in 1997 to the magazine’s present 92nd issue.

The changes in the industry in this time span have been great, both in the currency and the identity sector. This, perhaps a little nostalgic look, was prompted by the fact that this issue of Infosecura is the last, as the editor is retiring after about 25 very interesting years on the job.

But we are also looking at the most recent past, the Intergraf Currency+Identity conference that just was, in Lyon, and the one that will be held next year in Bilbao, Spain.

In between these 'book ends' you will find, among others, a very interesting take-down of the crypto currency scene by Fabio Panetta of the European Central Bank and a look at CBDC from several angles.

In the identity section, the most up-to-date report is on the work of ICAO’s New Technology Working Group (NTWG), called ‘WG Modern TD1 layout’, which has come up with ideas to improve the look - and the functionality - of ID cards.

There are also, among others, two articles on Frontex, the EU's European Border and Coast Guard Agency, one critical and another giving due credit to the work of this agency and of Interpol, its partner in the project that created the information platform FIELDS.

Although Infosecura comes to an end with this issue, our website will continue to deliver important news and announcements.

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A unique perspective

20 years of InfosecuraOn the occasion of Infosecura's 20th anniversary, founder and editor of the magazine, Manfred Goretzki, shed light on its origins.

Read our interview to get an overview of the many changes Manfred witnessed over the years.

And to find out what, from his perspective, lies on the horizon for our industry globally.


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