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LYON 2022
Centre de Congrès de Lyon
50 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon



Key dates

24/03/2021: Call for papers
24/03/2021: Exhibition sales open
15/06/2021: First info
15/06/2021: Paper submission closes
10/11/2021: Registration opens
15/01/2022: Early-bird registration deadline
21/03/2022: Registration closes


Intergraf Currency+Identity is open exclusively to:

security printers
suppliers to security printers
central banks
government authorities
law enforcement
industry-specific digital solution providers

New to Intergraf Currency+Identity?

You have never attended Intergraf's event and would like to join us in Lyon?

All participants have submitted detailed documentation as well as product samples to enable Intergraf's Committee of Experts to assess their eligibility.

Please register your interest by completing our New Contact Form.

We will get in touch to request the information needed to assess your eligibility.

Intergraf reserves the right to refuse participation if its attendance criteria are not met.

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