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40 Years in the Making

Intergraf Currency+Identity has a long-standing history.

Intergraf, or as it was known then, the International Master Printers Association (IMPA), organised its first security printing conference in Milan, Italy in 1976.

We were the first to put together an event for the industry. Our mission was simple: to offer security printers, suppliers and end customers all over the world an independent platform where they could learn what was new in the world of currency and identity documents.

About 80 delegates made the trip to Milan. Over the next 15 years, attendance rose steadily, edition after edition. It shot up as suppliers were allowed to exhibit in 1991. Intergraf’s event clearly met the need of the industry’s key players to connect and actively engage in constructive dialogue, and to get business done.

Four decades down the line, technology has transformed the industry. New solutions, new topics and new challenges have emerged. As that landscape evolved, Intergraf’s stance remained the same, but our horizons broadened. Our scope expanded to create the conference and exhibition you need, with the neutrality and objectivity you have come to expect from Intergraf.

SecurityPrinters became Intergraf Currency+Identity. A one-of-a-kind even where security printers and suppliers, central banks, government authorities, law enforcement and industry-specific digital solution providers will continue to converge for the education, innovation and connections they need to move the industry forward.

Past highlights