Fedrigoni spa
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Fabriano Security, a brand of Fedrigoni S.p.A., a company leader in Europe for specialty papers, offers the widest range of security features and relevant substrates for security printers and central banks.

Security papers made with different technologies for all needs of secure documents (banknotes, passports, visas, cheques, tax stamps, security gummed papers and self-adhesives materials and so on), and features spanning from a wide range of security threads up to holographic stripes and patches.

Thanks to its experience, based on more than seven centuries of history, Fabriano Security includes the latest overt and covert security systems featuring brands such as Sigma, DnA, Fusion, Janus, MAG3, MOBILE, VISTA, and the new digital watermark.

Converting division of Fedrigoni Spa, Arconvert is internationally renowned under the brand name Securtack as a reliable manufacturer of self-adhesive materials and gummed papers integrating security features for visas, tax stamps, post stamps and tailor made security solutions.

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