Booth no. 22

3D AG is an independent company based in Switzerland. With 30 years of experience in micro- and nanotechnology, our designs have been featured on over 70 banknotes due to our strength in creative origination.

Another core competence of ours is the manufacturing of shims, durable nickel molds. With our specialised electroforming process, we can create shims up to 1300 mm x 1700 mm.

If you hold only a small area of your micro- or nanostructure, we have developed our proprietary high precision UV step and repeat recombination machine enabling us to upscale your structure up to 1300 mm x 1500 mm with a positioning accuracy of 5 microns - thus creating a large, high precision micro structured tool.

From holograms to lenses, we are specialists in handling an array of different types of structures and can support you in developing a new product, manufacturing your finished products, as well as consulting in technology support.

Laettichstrasse 4a
6340 Baar

Contact: Martina Müller