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Digitalising travel documents (16/02/2022)

The European Commission is putting forward a legislative proposal on the digitalisation of travel documents in 2023. In preparation for this, the Commission is working with Member States to pilot the digital travel document in an international border-crossing context.

Mikko Hakkarainen
Policy Officer, Unit for Schengen and External Borders
European Commission __ Belgium

Mikko Hakkarainen works as Policy Officer in the Unit for Schengen and External Borders in the European Commission, dealing with document security policy and legislation.

He has previously held positions in the field of migration and home affairs at both national and EU level, from visas and travel documents to irregular migration and border management.

A lawyer by training and fascinated by technological capabilities, Mikko gets fired up about the big horizontal themes of security, data protection and digitalisation.

Moderated by:
Uwe Seidel
Scientific Director
Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) __Germany

Manufacturing the banknotes of the future – security and reliability (18/03/2022)

Co-development of a new type of in-line inspection for security substrates.

Astrid Drexler
Senior Product Manager, Banknote Substrates & Features
Papierfabrik Louisenthal __ Germany

Astrid Drexler holds a Chemistry degree from the University of Regensburg. Her specialty is formulation and colloid chemistry.

In 2005 she joined Paper Technology Scientists Foundation (Papiertechnische Stiftung) in Munich where she managed R&D projects for the commercial paper industry focusing on coating and surface technology.

In 2013, Astrid moved to Papierfabrik Louisenthal as Product Manager for banknote and security paper. This role embodies the optimisation of advanced substrates to harmonise with the advanced substrate embedded features including threads, foils, fibres and coatings.

Jochen Kirsch
Sales Director, Business Unit Security
ISRA VISION __ Germany

Jochen Kirsch has master's degrees from the University of Cologne, Germany and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, United States of America.

He joined Giesecke & Devrient in 2001 and held various positions within the group, dealing with both electronic and physical security tokens.

In 2016, after 3-year delegations to Mexico and Brazil, Jochen switched from product technology to manufacturing technology and started working for ISRA VISION, inspection technology partner of Papierfabrik Louisenthal. He currently holds the position of Sales Director in ISRA VISION’s Security Business Unit.

Moderated by:
Bernd Kümmerle
Head of Banknote Solutions Division
G+D Currency Technology __Germany

An introduction to FIELDS (22/03/2022)

Frontex INTERPOL Electronic Library Document System (FIELDS) is an INTERPOL-Frontex project launched in 2017 enabling a systematic and structured transfer of knowledge and know-how from document specialists/experts to non-document experts working at the law enforcement frontlines. It will be operational as of April 2022.

FIELDS will allow the integration of Quick Check Cards (QCC) into national border management systems. The integration will be first implemented in France. A QCC is a decision-aid instrument for frontline officers made primarily by images of documents (the most important security features) enabling a quick and secure check of the documents.

INTERPOL and Frontex plan to gradually expand the system globally in cooperation with partner countries. In this session, Fabrizio di Carlo (INTERPOL) and Claudio Kavrecic (Frontex) illustrate the features of the system and its benefits for frontline officers.

Robert Frain
Policy Analysis - Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)
INTERPOL __ France

Robert Frain has worked at INTERPOL for the past six years. During this time, he has worked in various teams and projects strengthening border management practices globally. More recently, he has been located in the Forensic Police Data Management Sub-Directorate, where he dedicates his time to the Frontex INTERPOL Electronic Library Document System (FIELDS), which focuses on bringing fraudulent travel document information to first line border/police officials.

Claudio Kavrecic
Head of the Centre of Excellence for Combatting Document Fraud
Frontex __ Poland

Claudio Kavrecic is Head of Frontex’s Centre of Excellence for Combating Document Fraud.

He joined Frontex in July 2007 and until January 2018 worked in the Operations Division of Frontex as Head of Air Border Sector, where he led operational activities between border guards for enhancing the security of the EU external borders – about 130 airports were regularly involved in Frontex Air Border activities at that time.

Claudio entered the Italian ‘Polizia di Stato’ in March 1989. He is a Lieutenant Colonel and, prior to joining Frontex, served as Chief of Operations, leading 200 officers at the Venice border police.

A former handball player, Claudio’s background encompasses police and frontier control, incorporating integrated border management, transnational criminal investigations, counter terrorism, asylum/refugee management, and international cooperation.

He holds a master’s degree in Political Science/Public Administration from the University of Trieste, Italy; completed post-graduate training at the Superior Police Academy in Rome; and graduated with an Executive MBA from the University of Québec at Montreal (UQAM) and the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).


Moderated by:
Georg Hasse
Head of International Sales, Division Homeland Security
secunet Security Networks AG __Germany

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