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Every 18 months, 830+ professionals from all corners of the currency and identity industry go to Intergraf Currency+Identity to hear and learn from seasoned experts just like you.

You have insights, know-how or real-world success stories you would like to bring to your peers? Then Intergraf's Committee of Experts wants to hear from you.

1. Submission

You complete the form below to send your paper proposal before 21/11/2022.

2. Decision

Intergraf’s Committee of Experts reviews all submissions. We inform you of their decision by email on 16/01/2023.

3. Presentations

The presentations are delivered in-person in Bilbao, Spain, on 17/10/2023 (Intergraf Highs) or 18-20/10/2023 (Intergraf Currency+Identity).

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Priority will be given to proposals from central banks, governments and law enforcement. Please take a look at the Agenda @ a glance to let us know which sessions you think your proposal is best suited for.

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