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The event


Am I eligible to attend?

The event is open exclusively to security printers, suppliers to security printers, central banks, government authorities, law enforcement, and industry-specific digital solution providers.

New to Intergraf Currency+Identity?

All new companies and individuals are subject to strict screening by Intergraf's Committee of Experts.

If you have never attended our event and would like to join Intergraf Currency+Identity Online, please complete our New Contact Form to register your interest. We will get in touch to request the information needed to assess your eligibility.

Intergraf reserves the right to refuse participation if its attendance criteria are not met.

Please kindly note, due to the delay involved in assessing your eligibility, Intergraf will no longer be able to consider new companies for attendance after 10 March 2021. Central bank, law enforcement, and government representatives are free to register at any time.

What is my user name and password?

If you have already attended our event, you received an email in December 2020 containing your username and password under the subject line ‘Intergraf Currency+Identity Online 2021 - Registration Info’.

This username and password are linked to your personal profile in our database. They cannot be shared or transferred

And they are what you need to register online.

I have my user name and password but cannot register

It sometimes happens. Please contact our team so that we can help you connect.

I have registered but have no confirmation email

Information submitted online is subject to verification by Intergraf. A registration confirmation email will be sent to you within two days.

Where applicable, please kindly check the attached invoice carefully to verify its accuracy.

Still no confirmation email? Take a look at your junk mail folder (or Other tab if using MS Outlook). It may have been blocked by your spam filter and delivered there instead.

Still have questions? Please contact our team.

I need to cancel. Will I get a refund?

All registrations at Intergraf Currency+Identity Online are non-refundable.

I can no longer attend. Can somebody from my company take my place?

Yes, if you are registered and can no longer attend, another representative from your company can take your place, provided that you notify us in writing, at least two weeks before the start of the event.


What do registration fees cover?

Registration fees cover access to the virtual platform including all conference sessions, virtual exhibition spaces and networking functionalities, two weeks before, during, and up to four weeks after the event.

I represent a central bank, ministry or law enforcement

Intergraf Currency+Identity Online is free of charge for representatives of central banks, ministries and law enforcement.

Am I eligible for the member rate?

The member rate applies only if your printing company is a full member of a National Printing Federation that is a member of Intergraf.

Check whether your national printing federation is a member of Intergraf.

Can I buy a one-day pass?

Intergraf only offers full registration to its events.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. From 01/03/2021, bank transfers can no longer be accepted.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and must be made in euro, without deduction of any bank charges.

Any sum unpaid within 15 days of the invoicing date shall automatically and without notice attract interest at a rate of 1.50% per month.


How do you select speakers?

A call for papers is launched a year before the event.

Intergraf’s Committee of Experts reviews and selects submissions that best fit the conference’s themes.

How about Intergraf Currency+Identity 2022?

Intergraf Currency+Identity 2022 will take place in-person, in April 2022 in Lyon, France, at the Centre de Congrès de Lyon

A call for papers will be launched soon.


Who's exhibiting?

On this website, check the list of exhibitors.

Once logged in to the event's virtual platform, click on Exhibitors to display the full list and visit the interactive virtual exhibition spaces.

I want to exhibit too

Please check our exhibitor packages and contact our Exhibition Coordinator, Cristina Munteanu, for more details about our offers and booking.

I'm exhibiting. When can I access my virtual space?

Exhibitors will be given access to the event's virtual platform to build their virtual exhibition space on 24/02/2021.

How do I register my staff?

Depending on the package, exhibitors are entitled to 3, 5 or 10 free, full-access registrations for their staff, who can use their user name and password to register online.

All additional representatives of the company should register online at the rate that applies.

Still have questions? Please contact our Exhibition Coordinator, Cristina Munteanu.

The platform

Log in

What technology do I need?

All you need is a desktop or laptop with a camera and microphone; a stable, preferably hard-wired (LAN) internet connection, and an internet browser.

The platform is optimised for Chrome or Firefox (we recommend you avoid using Internet Explorer or Edge).

Before you join a session, please check that your camera and microphone are working properly.

Do I need webcam and microphone?

Although you can join sessions without a webcam or microphone, we encourage you to use both for a more immersive experience.

This will not only allow face-to-face interaction; it will facilitate networking with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Can I use my mobile phone?

You can, but some functionalities may be limited because of the screen size.

Also, mobile phones networks are likely not to have the internet speed required to handle video streaming.

So do make sure you have a strong signal as well as a stable Wi-Fi connection if using a mobile device.

How do I log in?

On 10/03/2021, you will receive an invitation email from the address noreply@swapcard.com, with a link enabling you to access the event's virtual platform.

This link is valid for 48 hours. It is personal. Please do not share it.

Simply click on it to be redirected to the platform. The system will recognise your email address. You will be invited to define a password and then automatically logged in.

I did not get my invitation email

Your registration has been confirmed but you're missing the invitation email sent on 10/03/2021 from the address noreply@swapcard.com?

Please check your junk folder (or Other tab if using MS Outlook): it may have landed there instead of your inbox.

If others from your company are missing their invitation, we recommend you ask your IT department to whitelist noreply@swapcard.com to facilitate further communication.


How do I set up my profile?

Your profile was created using the data provided upon registration.

Once logged in, you can navigate to My profile in the drop-down menu below your name, to update it. You can add details that others may find relevant for networking purposes, such as your fields of interests, social media handles and biography.

If your profile picture is still missing, please upload one. This will make you more visible on the platform and also easier to identify.

Will I get a list of attendees?

Once logged in to the event's virtual platform, you will be able to access, search and filter the full list of attendees by name, company, country, sector, and fields of interest.

How do I connect with someone?

If you wish to connect with a speaker, exhibitor or another attendee, click on their picture to access their profile and write a personalised message to send them a connection request.

They will have to accept it for you to be able to chat or have video calls with them.

Anybody logged in to the platform will have a green dot attached to his/her profile picture, unless he/she has turned off his/her visibility.

How do I manage my contacts?

You can navigate to My contacts in the drop-down menu below your name, to see, order and tag the contacts you have made during the event.

Can I export my contacts?

Yes! From My contacts, you can download an Excel file with all your contacts' information, notes and tags. Just click on Export my contacts.

How do I manage my meetings?

A number of meeting time slots were created for all attendees over the event's three days.

Once logged in to the event's platform, you can see these by navigating to My event and My meetings, and then chose to disable slots for which you are not available.

Meetings you have booked with other attendees will be listed here and can be easily exported to your own calendar application.

Are there virtual meeting rooms?

There will be a number of Intergraf Meeting Rooms every day, which you will be able to join to discuss particular topics.

Check the Agenda for further details.

How do you do to ensure a safe environment

All Intergraf Currency+Identity attendees, speakers and exhibitors are required to respect the event’s Code of conduct to help ensuring a safe and positive experience for everyone attending.


What time zone will the event be in?

The time zone of Intergraf Currency+Identity Online is Central European Time (GMT+1).

Once logged in to the virtual platform, you will be able to display sessions in your device's time zone.

What language will be the presentations in?

The language of the Intergraf Currency+Identity Online is English. There will be no simultaneous translation of the presentations.

How do I search the Agenda?

You can apply filters (type of session, topic or stage: currency or identity) to find content that's relevant to you.

Can I choose what to attend?

Of course! All sessions are listed under the Agenda: feel free to explore.

You can already register for the sessions you're interest in to plan your schedule and receive reminders shortly before these sessions start.

Details of your personalised schedule will appear under My event.

How do I watch live sessions?

Simply click on the Live button. Or navigate to the current time slot in the Agenda and click on Play.

You will then be able to watch the video, in full screen if you wish.

Will there be live Q&As?

Yes, each presentation will be followed by a live Q&A during which you will be able to interact with the speaker(s).

You can also use the Live discussion box to ask your questions, take part in polls or simply chat with other attendees.

What if I missed something?

No worries! If you have missed a session you really wanted to watch, or want to see it again, all content broadcast on the platform will it will be available on-demand for four weeks after the event.


How can I visit the virtual exhibition?

Each exhibitor has its own virtual exhibition space.

Click on Exhibitors to see the full list. And then on the company's logo to visit its virtual exhibition space, check products, and meet the team.

How do I book a meeting with an exhibitor?

Meeting exhibitors has never been easier.You have two options:

To book a meeting with the company, go on its profile and click on one of the slots below Book a meeting (or See more slots for more possibilities).

After selecting the slot, write a message and click on the arrow at the top right to send your meeting request.

Or you can book a meeting directly with someone from the company team. Go on its profile, scroll down to see the entire team.

Select the person you wish to contact and one of his/her meeting slots. Write a message and send your meeting request.

How can I keep track of my meetings?

Meetings you have booked with Exhibitors and other attendees will be displayed under My meetings inMy event.

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